Nathan Brown. Artist, Founder and Inspired Designer

Born in Nevada, Nate has spent a lifetime running, riding and hiking in the mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe as well as in the high deserts that define the eastern part of the state.  He is a curious explorer who sees and appreciates the natural artistic beauty that surrounds us, and seeks to bring that beauty into the urban spaces we inhabit. 

Nathan has unusual vision and sees the extraordinary in the ordinary.  It isn’t just a dead branch on the ground; it is potential framework that will hold a beautiful arrangement under which a couple will unite.  Alpine expeditions recover pinecones that scatter the ground.  Nathan collects them, transforms them and then they welcome families home for the holidays.   He sees what others miss and turns it into unique and stunning art that can’t be ignored. 

He doesn’t say no what others say is impossible and has a vivid imagination that finds it’s home in the living installations he creates.  Inside or outside, Nathan often works through the night to deliver exquisite and jaw-dropping arrangements with integrity that would make Mother Nature proud. 

Buds and Blooms is a lifetime of love and labor that celebrates the inspiration of Nature and integrates it into our everyday lives.